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Are you becoming a parent?
Are you already a parent and want to deepen your family skills?

Answer the questions in our family skills self evaluation tool.

There are no perfect parents and there is no recipe for turning into perfect parents. Each parent and each child are unique, and their relationship is unique.
But you can get involved and train some skills that will be useful in facing the daily challenges that the experience of becoming or being a parent puts before us!

Family skills tool: WHAT IS IT?

Family skills self evaluation tool is a questionnaire that aims to help you in self-evaluating your family skills.

After answering the questions, you will receive feedback on your skills and some tips for training your family skills.

Self-awareness is one of the main life skills (skills for life) that can help you perform your role as a parent in the best possible way.

It is not a psychological test but a tool to self-assess your skills on 4 important areas for parenting.
Answer the 40 questions in the questionnaire honestly: only you will know the answers!

The questionnaire will help you to reflect on your strengths in education and parenting, and on your weaknesses in order to enhance them.

Fill out the questionnaire and immediately download your personal report. You will receive instructions to train your family skills: activities to do, topics to be explored, services to consult, books to read, films to watch and more!

Registration and completion of the questionnaire is free!

The 4 main areas for self evaluation!

Ability to grasp emotions
Family rules
Good enough relationships
Educational awareness

Who is it for?

To those who want to become parents, or are becoming one and to those who already are. But also to those who work or take care of children (especially from 0 to 6 years) and want to get to know themselves a little more!

To trainers, educators and social workers who organize training courses and support for parenting through the Family Skills model!

The project

The Family Skills project promotes parenting support actions with respect to emerging educational needs, through training and information activities aimed at parents and public and private operators involved in parenting education.

The Family Skills Model!